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Customer Reviews

"Excellent work.  Everyone at Premier is professional, polite, and skilled.  My house looks better than it did before the water damage. "
— Ben and Jenn Titter
"They are always on time.  The materials and workmanship are first-class.  You do what you say you’ll do!!!
Brad Garrett
"Premier Restorations was a godsend.  I was a walk in and they were so professional and respectful. The finish work was exceptional.  I give them a 10+"
— Jacqueline Green
"Could not be better!  Will always come back to your company when in need."
— Jeanette Barr
"My second experience with Premier.  I could not be more pleased.  Good quality workmanship, timely, and professional."
— Thomas Worley
"I have nothing negative to write.  Every aspect of the water pipes bursting in my walls was covered by Premier!  Electrical, tear down, new construction including flooring and painting, and plumbing.  Every employee is the best.  I’ve had them at my parent's house."
— Steve and Toni Parish
"Everyone we worked with was very kind and professional.  We always felt comfortable with them here.  They were very willing to answer any questions that we had."
— Amy Schleeper
We have been fortunate over the years not to have bad situations happen with our home. It finally happened and my wife and needed help understanding the process (as well as frustrated) and what steps needed to be taken and when. We were fortunate enough to work with Gabe Fox as he delivered outstanding service through our experience. Thanks for everything.
John Morgen
The pipes burst in my wall at 4 am , the day my husband went out of town, and the first day of school. Premier Restoration was there to help me. Tear down, electrical, plumbing, construction, and new floors. Everyone, office staff and each employee, they are amazing. I’ve had them work at my parent’s house now. They will be our go to for any project.
Toni Parish
Updating my previous review of Premier Restorations after a pretty bad experience with the original project manager. After expressing concerns with Premier, Gabe was sent out to finish up our projects as our new project manager. Working with him was absolutely awesome. He communicated with us throughout the entire process and things finally started to move along very quickly and efficiently. At first, I would not have recommended Premier to do any work. However, after my most recent experience(s) with Premier I would say my opinion has drastically changed and would recommend them to anyone. I have also attached pictures for a job Gabe had redone. Looks amazing!
Cullen Boykin
Premier restorations repaired and replaced my water damaged ceiling that was damaged after a tree limb hit my house..all the employees that came into my house were professional and attentive to me, the work done and the materials used were all first class. The job they did at my home was nothing short of outstanding!
—James T

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